Bitcoin Summary For 2018 : ภาพรวมบิทคอยน์ 2018 (PART 2)

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After reading the overview of Bitcoin 2018 in part 1, returned as promised. We will take you to rewind the memory again with the important events and changes of Bitcoin in the second half year. Let’s see it better! That the journey of the Bitcoin will change in any direction

July – So close, yet so far

Even though market value increased, there were still issues trying to bring it down. Bancor, a service provider for Cryptocurrency was hacked, losing an estimate of $13.5 million.

Major News in June

  1. Bancor was hacked for an estimate of $13.5 million
  2. In the midst of the falling market, the price of Bitcoin rose

Price at end of January: $$8,206.83

August – Not good at all

Just in the first half of the month, the price has dropped more than 20%. Another bearish month due to the fact that SEC has postponed the approval of the Bitcoin ETF. Chinese Authorities are also closing down digital currency exchange services. However, demands for the exchange services led to the cooperation of many parties to open another exchange service providers.

Major News in August

  1. #Microsoft and #Starbuck joined Bakkt
  2. China has a plan to close down all Crypto exchange services

Price at end of February: $5,982.37

September – Month of hardship

This month is not looking bright for the cryptocurrency market as it worsens. Thus, leading to many cryptocurrencies making a new low on September 12. Digital currency fell to 77% compared to the market value at its highest price previously.

Major News in September

  1. Many governments started experimenting with Blockchain usage
  2. Zaif, the owner of the exchange service provider in Japan got hacked for more than $60 million

Price at end of March: $6,590.68

October – Price stable at $6,000

In October, the market value fell by more than 9.4%. This month, the price maintained at around $6,000.

Major News in October

  1. #Coinbase added #USDCoin to their service.

Price at end of April: $6,477.32

November – Month of the Bears market

The situation worsens more than the previous month, with the accumulated loss of around $70 billion. A variety of currencies were affected by the falling prices, much harder than anyone could anticipate. As for Bitcoin, fell to $3,500.

Major News in November

  1. Number of Bitcoin transactions finally took over the number of Mastercard transactions
  2. #SEC gave importance and focus on checking #ICO

Price at end of May: $3,768.79

December – Broken dreams

The long-awaited month of December is a nightmare. The price of Bitcoin is nowhere near 2017, as Bitcoin lost almost half its value since the beginning of November. The crypto market looks hopeless at the end of 2018 for both investors and Bitcoin miners.

Major News in December

  1. Most cryptocurrencies are stable
  2. Facebook continues with the #WhatsApp cryptocurrency

Price at end of June: $3,837.16

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