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Recently launched a new feature, the “THB Wallet”, or a wallet that allows you to hold Thai Baht separately from your bitcoin. When transacting from your wallet, you will be able to buy and sell bitcoin without any fees. In addition, you can instantly make transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Read on to learn more about THB wallet that allows you to conveniently make buy and sell transactions or exchange between Thai baht (THB) and bitcoin (BTC) through our website by yourself.

How does the THB Wallet Work?

If you are they type of person who reserves money for investment on a monthly basis, or constantly invests in bitcoin, the THB Wallet is a feature that simplifies the transaction process and reduces your trading fees.

“Top-up” your THB Wallet by cashing in directly to your wallet and you will be able to instantly exchange your Thai Baht from your THB wallet into the amount of bitcoin (BTC) you wish to buy without placing any orders or paying any fees. The exchange rate will be based on the current market price.

If you wish to sell, you can instantly exchange your desired amount of BTC to Thai baht in your THB wallet. You can also accumulate your Thai baht until you reach the desired amount of BTC you wish to withdraw and do so within one transaction to lower the withdrawal fee, or you can store the amount for future transactions. 

****Disclaimer: In the case of a direct deposit into the BTC wallet, there is still a 1% transaction fee per purchase.  When selling bitcoin from your BTC wallet or withdrawing money from your THB Wallet into your bank account, there is still a cash-out operating fee depending on the channel and bank of your choice.


Say Goodbye to Trade Fee

Wouldn’t it be better to invest the same amount for more? The THB Wallet feature from is the answer for everybody who invest in the Cryptocurrency market.

For example: If Mr. A makes a transaction to buy bitcoin (BTC) into the BTC Wallet for the amount of 10,000 THB, Mr. A will have to pay the fee of 1% of the purchase price, or 100 THB.

If Mr. A uses the THB Wallet for the same transaction, Mr. A transfers 10,000 THB to store in the THB Wallet without any transaction fees, and Mr. A is able to exchange his THB to BTC at any time.

The THB wallet allows you to save money by eliminating transaction fees.


Start Now For More Benefits 

There are several advantages to using the THB Wallet:

  1. Fast and easy – You can instantly exchange 24-7.
  2. Lowers the initial investment – since there is no fee for buying and selling from the THB wallet, you can allocate what you would have paid for the fee for more investment.
  3. Helps you to plan your investment better, and allows you to invest at all times – No investor is able to predict the market accurately, so whenever the price is at your desired value, you can instantly exchange your THB to BTC to buy, or exchange your BTC to THB to sell immediately.

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